5-8 October, 2019

Asian Film Market 2019


Home Registration Advertisement

To highlight your presence at the Market and maximize the exposure of your key films, take advantage of our marketing opportunities. We offer a variety of advertising resources such as Market Guide Book, Guest Package Inserts, Banner advertisements and Trailer Programs.
For more information on Advertisement, please check the Advertisement catalogue and send your inquiries to our staff.

Types of Advertisement

Market Guide Book

Market Guide Book advertisement is efficient for your company sales promotion. It contains a list of all the market participants including buyers and exhibitors. Also, all Market Badge holders from around the world are provided with the Market Guide Book in the Guest Package bag.

Guest Package Insert

Guest Package Insert facilitates the effective distribution of your promotional materials to all Market Badge holders by having the materials included in the Market Guest Package bag. Promotional materials can be leaflets, invitations, and promotional items such as pens, USB memory sticks, and notebooks.

Banner Advertising

On Hanging, Ceiling and Pillar Light Box and Light Stand Banners, place your company name, logo, or booth number to effectively promote your film or business. Ceiling and Pillar Banner displayed inside of the exhibition hall will also highlight your advertisements to all the participants. Hanging and Light Box banner are displayed in a highly visible location in front of the BEXCO exhibition hall entrance where virtually all attendees and even local visitors will be able to see the message on your banners. With the badge registration desk and the festival ticket booth located in front of the exhibition hall entrance, the display location has a lot of foot traffic every day..

Online Banner Advertising

Expose your business in Daily Newsletter issuing during the Market period that targets our worldwide subscribers.

Trailer Program

Display a trailer in a high foot traffic area. Trailer Program is a very effective way of broadcasting advertisement. There are five locations (Cafeteria, Information Desk, APM Lounge and Business Center) where trailers are screened in the Asian Film Market area. The trailer will reach every participant while they walk around the Market. Trailers are played repeatedly throughout the Market period. Trailers will gain 100% of the viewers' attention and maximize the impact of the advertisement. All the trailers requested to be displayed through the Trailer Program will be joined together and will run non-stop during Market business hours.

For more information, please contact promotion@asianfilmmarket.org