5-8 October, 2019

Asian Film Market 2019

E-IP Pitching

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E-IP Pitching introduces original content, from web dramas, web novels and web comics adaptable across multiple media platforms, to film, media and entertainment industry professionals. Due to the original settings and compelling storylines of the works previously selected, numerous contracts have been successfully negotiated and finalized.

‘E-IP Pitching’ fully packed with audience looking for original contents from various medium, adaptable across multiple media platforms. This year’s ‘E-IP pitching’ was especially notable as video contents were incorporated into the pitching session, which added the dynamic aspect, making the original contents come to life.

E-IP Pitching 2019 Schedule

  • Business Meeting : Sun – Tue, 6 – 8 October
  • Book To Film & E-IP Pitching : Sun, 6 October, 16:00
  • E-IP Awards Ceremony : Tue, 8 October, 20:00
[ E-IP Pitching 2018 Selections ]

(IP Title in Alphabetical Order)

No IP Title Company Author Genre IP Category
1 Android Love JOARA INC HU Ji-Young Romance / Sci-fi Web
2 Delivery Knight TOOMICS LEE Yun Kyun Action / Sci-fi Webtoon
3 The Devil TOYOU’S
Meen (Story)
Keun bit (Art)
Mystery / Occult Webtoon
4 Devil School YOUTHMEANS SUO Mystery / Thriller Story
5 The Game of a Detective KT
MuJang Mystery / Thriller Web
6 Good Job ALL THAT STORY Haewon Crime / Thriller Story
7 Gorgon TOOMICS KIM Carnby (Story)
SEO Jai-il (Art)
Mystery / Thriller Webtoon
8 The House of an
Old Man
E. lim (Story)
KIM Jong Wook (Art)
Coming-of-age / Drama Webtoon
9 Kingmaker TOYOU’S
UN (Story)
KIM Han Seok (Art)
Drama / Politic Webtoon
10 Land of Silence TOONPLUS YOON
Action / School Story Story
11 Leegye-li
BRITG LEE Siwoo Urban Fantasy Web
12 Murder at the
Maharo (Story)
Gok (Art)
Mystery / Thriller Webtoon
13 Replace JAEDAM MEDIA SEO Hong-seok Action / Thriller Webtoon
14 UFO(Ugly Family Oh my god)GIRL STORYCOMPANY Ryeong (Story)
PARK Hyem (Art)
Black Comedy / Drama Webtoon
E-IP Awards
  • new CREATOR Award

    Good Job (Haewon), ALL THAT STORY, Story

  • ToryComics Award

    Delivery Knight (LEE Yun Kyun), TOOMICS, Webtoon
    The Devil (Meen, Keun bit), TOYOU’S DREAM, Webtoon
    Land of Silence (YOON Seonyoung), TOONPLUS, Story

  • E-IP Audience Award

    Devil School (SUO), YOUTHMEANS, Story