6 - 9 October, 2018

Asian Film Market 2018

Official Schedule

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Sat, 6 October  Day 1

10:30-12:00 Comics & Film Pitching Show Event Room
13:30-15:00 Book To Film
16:00-18:00 Filmmaker’s Talk: LEE Chang-dong 플랫폼부산
10:00-15:30 AND Talk & Share *AND Program Guest Only Seminar Room
16:30-18:00 Conference on International Dispute Cases & Measures regarding Motion Picture Contents
20:00-22:00 Asian Film Market 2018 Opening Reception Grand Ballroom, Novotel Ambassador Busan

Sun, 7 October  Day 2

10:30-12:00 E-IP Pitching Event Room
13:30-15:00 Story to Film
16:00-18:00 VR Narrative : Walking the Fine Line between Movie and Game
11:00-12:30 KODOC(KOCCA Documentary) Pitch Seminar Room
14:00-15:30 VR Technology : Expansion of the Creative Realm
16:30-18:30 Korean Film Asks the Way to Platform
10:00-19:00 Asian Project Market 2018 | Day 1 APM Zone
10:30-13:00 AND Clinic *AND Program Guest Only ACF Zone

Mon, 8 October  Day 3

09:30-10:30 ARRI International Support Program 플랫폼부산 Event Room
11:00-12:20 Master Class: Fabrice ARAGNO 플랫폼부산
13:00-15:00 Block Chain: New Current of Movie Industry 플랫폼부산
16:00-17:30 Distribution in Asia and Europe Today: A Case Study 플랫폼부산
18:30-19:30 E-IP Awards Ceremony
10:30-12:00 From Asia to Europe : International Sales and Global Market 플랫폼부산 Seminar Room
13:30-15:30 New Era of the Webtoon
16:30-18:00 AND Workshop: “US Grants for Documentary Filmmakers”

*AND Program Guest and RSVP Only

10:00-19:00 Asian Project Market 2018 | Day 2 APM Zone
16:30-18:30 AND Clinic *AND Program Guest Only ACF Zone

Tue, 9 October  Day 4

10:30-12:00 Film Fund Talk Event Room
13:00-14:30 All About Post-production 플랫폼부산
16:30-18:00 AND Program Closing Event * AND Program Guest Only
14:00-15:30 Vis-à-vis: Networking Table of European and Asian Filmmakers *RSVP Only플랫폼부산 Seminar Room
10:00-16:00 Asian Project Market 2018 | Day 3 APM Zone
20:00-22:00 APM 2018 Awards Ceremony Grand Ballroom, Heaundae Grand Hotel