5-8 October 2019

Asian Film Market 2019

Asian Film Market 2017, Successfully Closed!|

Successful Closing of 12th Asian Film Market in the Great Attention of Film Industry Professionals


On October 17th, Asian Film Market 2017 successfully completed its 4-day journey with the APM & E-IP 2017 Awards Ceremony. Compared to last year, 200 more participants visited the Asian Film Market. A total of 1,583 professionals from 45 countries participated and actively engaged in production, investment, imports, exports and publication rights businesses. In its 20th edition, the Asian Project Market (APM) arranged 645 business meetings, the biggest number of meetings, which established APM as the largest co-production market in Asia. It was also able to ascertain participants’ interest in original content with rooms full of participants at multifarious events such as Book To Film, E-IP Pitching, newly introduced VR Conference and Copyright Forum.


Great Advance in Korean Sales Companies Armed with Box-office Hits and New Films

Including major investors and distributors, many Korean sales companies received attention from international buyers by showcasing new films for the first time in Busan and introducing various box-office blockbusters this year. Showbox got the attention of buyers through RV: Resurrected Victims, a current box-office hit, Memory of a Murderer which is based on a novel and A Taxi Driver. LOTTE Entertainment screened a 12-minute-long teaser of Along with the Gods for the first time through Market Screening, which attracted many buyers and completed pre-sales to various countries. CJ Entertainment made a profit selling of Heart Blackened starred by Choi Min-sik and My World Only to Asian markets. As well, 1987 starring by Ha Jung-woo has high expectation and received many future offers. The content Panda had sales launching in the Asian Film Market, headlining an action blockbuster film Steel Rain, which reflects the realities of North Korea, an untitled new film by Yeon Sang-ho (Train to Busan) and Psychokinesis. M-Line Distribution sold THE OUTLAWS, which is leading the box-office to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Philippines, and presold A Special Lady starring by Kim Hye-soo, to Taiwan. The sales company of the 22nd Opening Film Glass Garden, Finecut, Co., Ltd came to spotlight presented works with impressive acting and fresh storylines such as Man of Will and True Fiction.


Celebrating its 20th year, Asian Project Market 2017 Arranged the Most Number of Meetings of All Years

Starting from 1998, the 20th APM proved once again as the Asia’s most prestigious investment and coproduction event, with over 645 meetings held between 28 APM project teams and international producers. This year, it features even numbers of meetings between each project by introducing projects of multifarious genres and concepts from various many countries. Sora by Yoon Ga-eun, Doi Boy by Nontawat Numbechapol and The Gospel of the Beast by Sheron Dayoc have caught the interest among the professionals.


E-IP Pitching and Book To Film in the Center of Attention from Various Industries

A total of 18 novels, webtoons, web novels were introduced through the 6th Book To Film and the 3rd E-IP Pitching this year. Many industry professionals including film, TV, and drama fields attended the events so that there was not enough space to hold all of them. Various genres such as thrillers, romance, horror, history, and unique characters like ballerina, Vietnamese female immigrant, former North Korea special agent, psychopath, anti-suicide civil servant and idol attracted attention of many drama production companies including Venture Incubator, Tencent, Alibaba Pictures, GROUP 8, Studio Dragon, Monster Union, broadcasting companies, and film investment production companies. Meetings for contract continued and 381 contracts were in the process. Kyobo Book and All That Story had unceasing contract meetings. Most of the contracts are expecting the second meetings and soon many contracts will be completed.


Providing Essential Information to Film Industry: The Future of VR and Copyright Protection

The 2017 Asian Film Market together with Barunson Co. Inc. held VR Conference to share recent production technology and know-how, attracting attention from VR and film industries with new prospects for the VR market. Copyright Overseas Promotion Association emphasized the importance of film copyright protection in a digital environment with sample cases as well as gave substantial and useful information. Story To Film, co-hosted by Korea Creative Content Agency and managed by the Broadcasting Producers Guild of Korea (PGK), introduced 8 projects, and Busan Film Commission brought out projects of AFiS in Pitching and marked Asian Film Market as a platform.

In addition, Asian Network of Documentary (AND) in Asian Film Fund of the Busan International Film Festival initiated in the Market this year and raised expectations for further cooperation on a documentary work. Lastly, through 7 funds introduced in Film Fund Talk, participants in AFiS and Platform Busan could gain useful information for future projects.

This year’s Asian Film Market participants stated that the Asian Film Market is a market that film industry workers in Asia must attend and even small companies can receive attention from attendees. To reflect the needs of more international buyers attending, Asian Film Market will also expand in quality and size along with close relationship with exhibitors.

Asian Film Market badge holders can watch 207 films via Online Screening (http://os.asianfilmmarket.org) until October 31st, including 172 films officially selected at the 22nd Busan International Film Festival.


E-IP Market Awards 2 Projects, and Asian Project Market Gives 8 Awards

The NEW CREATOR Award supported by Next Entertainment World grants 10 million Korean won to one work each from the Book To Film and E-IP Pitching selections. This year, the NEW CREATOR Awards go to The Untouchables presented by GOZKNOCK ENT and Madam Mystery by WISDOMHOUSE MEDIAGROUP INC..

APM finalized with arranging the most number of business meetings, 8 out of 28 original high-quality projects were honored with the following awards.

Sørfond Award, newly established this year, which provides opportunities for the official invitation of Sørfond Pitching Forum, went to A Year of Cold by Min Bahadur Bham. The Busan Award went to GLORIOUS ASHES by Bui Thac Chuyen and the Bright East Films Award went to Revenge by Li Xiaofeng. The CJ Entertainment Award for an international project, financed by CJ Entertainment, was given to Humba Dreams by Riri Riza and The Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) Award went to Sora by Yoon Ga-eun. The ARTE International Prize granted by ARTE France was awarded to Dirty, Difficult, Dangerous by Wissam Charaf. GASOLINE by Oh Seung-uk was awarded two awards; LOTTE Award and MONEFF Award. MONEFF Award offers post-production services and facilities, especially editing and VFX.


[Asian Project Market 2017 Award Winners]

The winners of the 20th Asian Project Market (APM) and the E-IP Market were announced at the APM & E-IP Ceremony, held at the Haeundae Grand Hotel.

 E-IP Market 2017 Award Winners

NEW CREATOR Award - Book To Film Pitching l The Untouchables l LEE Jung Yuen l GOZKNOCK ENT

NEW CREATOR Award - E-IP Pitching l Madam Mystery l Lee Soo-A l WISDOMHOUSE MEDIAGROUP INC.


Asian Project Market 2017 Award Winners

Busan Award l GLORIOUS ASHES l BUI Thac Chuyen l Vietnam

Bright East Films Award l Revenge l LI Xiaofeng l China

CJ Entertainment Award l Humba Dreams l Riri RIZA l Indonesia

LOTTE Award l GASOLINE l OH Seung-uk l Korea

KOCCA Award l Sora l YOON Ga-eun l Korea

ARTE International Prize l Dirty, Difficult, Dangerous l Wissam CHARAF l France, Lebanon

Sørfond Award l A Year of Cold l Min Bahadur BHAM l Nepal, France, Germany

MONEFF Award l GASOLINE l OH Seung-uk l Korea


Asian Film Market 2017 Results in Numbers

Market Badge: 658 companies from 45 countries, 1,583 participants

Sales Booth: 163 companies from 23 countries, 62 sales booths

Market Screening: 41 companies from 14 countries, 68 films presented, 73 screenings (43 market premieres)

Online Screening: 207 films (including 172 films presented at BIFF)